In order to have Anthem manage your Shopify store on your behalf please follow the below instructions. 

Add staff
You can add staff accounts to your Shopify store to let staff log in as separate users. To add staff, you need to be the store owner or have the Edit permissions and Add and remove staff permissions.

If you want to add staff who can log in to your admin and to Shopify POS to add POS app only staff, then you also need the Manage Point of Sale staff permission and the required Shopify POS permissions.

From your Shopify admin, click Settings, and then click Users and permissions.
Click Add staff.
Enter your staff's full name as it appears on any government-issued ID, and their email address.
Please add:
FULL NAME: Anthem Marketing 
Check which permissions you want to give staff. If you want to give your staff all available permissions, then check select all.
Click Send invite.
Your staff receives an email invitation. Invitations to create a staff login expire in 7 days.

Please email us back at after you have done this, our marketing email is a group email.

Here is a video that also shows this.